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Clinic: Saddle fitting and the effect it has in our horses

What is saddle fitting and why is it so important for our horses? How do I know if my saddle fits and what if it doesn’t?

We welcome you to join us in Dalur Horsecenter on Saturday 25th of February to learn the basics about saddle fitting and its importance. The lecture consists of theory and practical part, with the goal being to give you a basic understanding of how to assess the fit of your own saddle to your horse and yourself, as well as to help you recognize the problems caused by ill-fitting saddle.

The lecturers will be Eveliina Marttisdóttir and Merle Storm. Eveliina is the owner of Hestbak ehf and works as a saddle fitter here in Iceland. She is from Finland and was educated to work as a saddle fitter there. Evelina will talk about the theory of saddle fitting and how to see if a saddle is fitting or not.

Merle works as an osteopath and physiotherapist mostly in Iceland, as well as abroad. She is very broadly educated and will tell us more about how the saddle affects the physics of the horse and how an ill-fitting saddle an affect the horse.

The clinic will be partly in English and Icelandic.

Location: Dalur horsecenter, Mosfellsbær.

Time: 25. february at 18:00

Entrance fee: 2.000 kr.

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