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Konfúsíus from Dallandi
Dalurræktunarbú_75I3284 copy.jpg


F: Konsert frá Hofi (8.72 - 1 verðlaun)

M: Gróska frá Dallandi (8.2)

Konfúsíus is a 1st prize stallion with a total score of 8.39, he has 8.64 for confirtmation of which 9 for proportions and hooves. He is big and beautiful horse, measured 151 on withers with even and good gaits, he has 8.5 for tölt, trot, pace, gallop, rideability, general impression and slow tölt. 


He is a material for a really good fivegaited competition horse, he has a little bit of experience in five gait and A-flokkur, is highest score in A-flokkur is 8.45 and in five gait outside it is 6.57 but inside 6.88. 

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