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Horses from Dalland

41 1. prize horses have come from Dalland. Of these, Glúmur is the highest judged horse from the farm with a total score of 8.81, he is also the highest for conformation 8.73 but Ormur frá Dallandi has the highest score for rideability 9.19


Two mares from Dallandi have received an honorary award for offspring: 

Dúkkulísa from Dallandi received an honorary award in 2006 in the verdict it says: Dúkkulísa gives big horses with a sharp head but deep jaws. The neck is raised, the shoulders are high, the back is soft and the croup are deep. They have long legs and deep breast, legs are okay, tendons good, the hooves are thick in material, the main and tail is weak. Most of the offspring have good gaits. The willingness is great and flexible and they carry themselves well with pride. 

Gnótt frá Dallandi received an honorary award for offspring in 2016, in the verdict it says: Gnótt frá Dallandi gives big and beautiful horses. They have a good-looking head and well carried ears. Their development is characterized by high shoulders and length in the neck, the croup is strong and the offspring have high legs and are light-built. The legs are strong, the hind legs are close but the hooves are generally strong in all types. Most of Gnótt's offspring are four-gaited horses with good and big movements tölt and big stepping trot. The gallop is rhythmic and good at a slow pace and the fet is just over medium. The offsprings have good general impression and willing. Gnótt gives a beautiful four-gaited horses with good tölt.

Ormur from Dallandi

Ormur is one of the most famous horses from Dallandi, he was a very successful competition horse, when he was only 6 years old he ended up in 3rd place in the A-class at Landsmót in Melgerðismelar 1998. Two years later, in 2000 he won A-class at Landsmót in Reykjavík.  

Ormur got in breeding judgment 8.54 in total score, for conformation he got 7.9 and for rideability he got 9.19, 10 for temperament, 9.5 for trot, 9 for tölt, pace, gallop, general impression. 
Ormur rider was Atli Guðmundsson and in an interview in the 6th issue of Eiðfaxi 2000, Atli says the following about Ormur:

"This is a horse that always does what you ask him to do. His main thing is his temperament and will. The best thing about this horse is not the great movements or gaits, although of course it is excellent, but the temperament, he can be trusted."

Ormur was the son of Orri from Þúfu í Landeyjum and Lýsa from Efri-Rotum. 

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Nátthrafn from Dallandi

The great tölter Nátthrafn from Dallandi is after Snörp from Varmalæk and Kjarkur from Egilsstaðabær. Nátthrafn won the icetölt in Reykjavík "Þeir allra sterkustu"  three times.

He has won some great victories on the competition field with extremely high scores, for example 10 for slow tölt. His rider here in Iceland was Halldór Guðjónsson. They went three times to the A-finals in tölt at Landsmót. Went to the a-finals in tölt at the Icelandic tournament in 2008 and won tölt at Fjórðungsmót Vesturlands in 2009 with a score of 8.67. 

Nátthrafn was then sold out to Sweden in 2012 and has done well in competition with his rider. 

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