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GlúmurSiggi_75I1322 copy.jpg
Glúmur from Dallandi


Glúmur is a highly judged stallion with a total score of 8.81, of which he has 10.0 for main and tail and 10x 9.0, for back and croup, proportions, legs, hooves, tölt, pace, gallop, spirit, general impression and slow tölt. He is highly judged for his conformation (8.67) and rideability (8.9). 

Glúmur won 7y. and older stallions at the Landsmót hestamanna 2018, he was also in the A-finals in the A-class at Fjórðungsmót Vesturlands 2021 and A-finals in A-class at Landsmót hestamanna 2022.

Glúmur is after Glymur from Flekkudal (8.52 - 1st prize) and Orka from Dallandi (8.22) 

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