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Four horses from Dalland on Landsmót 2022

Landsmót hestamanna 2022 starts tomorrow after four years. Four horses are competing or in breeding show from Dalland, three of them are in A-flokkur gæðinga,

Glúmur from Dallandi, his brother Árvakur from Dallandi and then Konfúsíus from Dallandi. Before Landsmot, they have to compete to get in, and on úrtöku og gæðingamot Harðar, Glúmur won and Árvakur was in second place so we are very excited to follow them on Landsmót.

Fourth horse from Dallandi is 5 years old stallion Guttormur from Dallandi, he will be in breeding show, really exciting first prize stallion.

Dalland will also have a breeding show on friday night, we hope you will all enjoy watching that and then you can come visit us at Dalur on sunday, at our open house, then you can meet the horses, talk to the riders and staff and check out our facilities.

We hope you will have good times at Landsmót hestamanna 2022 and enjoy!

- if you can not come to Iceland, then you should check out Alendis tv, they will broadcast it all.

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